A Spotlight on KomandEX

A Spotlight on KomandEX

KomandEX is the perfect tool for administrators who have to manage operations at multiple contact centers. Not only does it provide a comprehensive overview at a glance, but also a complete central control of hosted operations and access. In addition to its ease of use, it also benefits your business’ bottom line.

What is KomandEX?

KomandEX is an intelligent Cisco CCE based management toolset that optimizes your resources and time management. It was designed as an agile and easy-to-use resource that allows you to manage agents’ skills, create new teams, and make other large-scale changes with just a few clicks. It is also the perfect complement to legacy and hosted contact centers since it is compatible with several different platforms.

What Features Does It Offer?

What sets KomandEX apart from other contact center management solutions are the amount of man hours it saves and the improved accuracy it provides through better skill management and scheduling. You can easily see each call center’s real time performance. And when adjustments need to be made, you can multi-skill, restore, and set up hundreds of agents or teams in a single operation. 

In addition to reducing time and cost, our software also offers unparalleled control to impact your business’ operational efficiency. Each user has a customized view and profile for login, grouping segmentation, activity logging, and visualization across PGs. This offers greater control of managing agent skills across multiple sites and secure access by company, call center, business unit, or line of business. 

Furthermore, KomandEX grants you secure views and restricted access by administrator, manager, and supervisor classifications. And, it maintains a segmented log to track any new elements or changes through login IDs. You also have the ability to catalog point-in-time agent configurations and skill snapshots that can be restored and deployed. And, if all else fails, there is an emergency shutdown function by location. 

With a single management tool, you get a simplified overview of each contact center and make immediate changes to adapt to changing conditions.

What Benefits Does It Bring to Your Business?

KomandEX is an all-around management solution for contact center operations. At any given moment, you have a comprehensive overview of your call centers’ current performance at a glance. And, it provides the tools to improve response time to changing call volumes and patterns. This in turn leads to a better overall customer experience.

And of course, you can’t overlook the financial benefits it brings to your bottom line. When you improve accuracy by reducing human errors, it boosts your operational efficiency. It reduces the time and resources needed to manage agents and operations which increases ROI for your business and contact centers. When your agents and workforce management team are better able to perform their jobs, everyone profits.

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