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Contact Center Practice

You can rely on our architects to design and deliver the components for a single, tightly integrated solution.

Contact Center Design

Our team of consultants and architects understands the importance of your customer's first interaction with your contact center.

That’s why we provide a detailed methodology and hands-on support as you adopt, expand, or migrate to cloud contact center and self-service platforms.

Our focus is to create easier and faster management solutions by lending our knowledge and expertise to help you reach your business goals.

Speech-Soft Services

Our services are designed to help you achieve your customer interaction goals in ways that are easier, faster and better. Our expert teams are creative, nimble, and focused on the frontier of what is possible. Let us help.

Assessments are an effective tool to reveal customer service pain points and improve overall efficiency. Our expert consultants customize a solution that meets your specific needs. We also bring senior guidance to help you identify current issues, envision a strategy, and provide a roadmap for the future.

Our team ensures you get the most from your technology since we specialize in hybrid cloud contact centers, even on different vendors’ platforms. By evaluating your business needs, we customize low-risk, low-maintenance solutions to optimize your platform. With more streamlined operations and systems integration, it makes it even easier to launch future enhancements and upgrades as well.

Our engineers and consultants provide a wealth of knowledge and years of experience developing efficient methodologies. Not only do we deliver an effective application to meet your needs, but also do it on your timeline. From cloud to on-premise contact centers, IVR, IVA, and Chat/SMS, we offer intelligent design and support to help your business achieve its customer experience goals.

What makes us unique is the unrivaled support you receive from our team of experts. Not only do we design reporting into every element, but also provide remote, on-premise support, and guidance for systems integration through the cloud platform’s functions and design.

With proactive monitoring, we enable your business to flag early indicators and eliminate problems to keep your business running smoothly. This modular and Omni-Channel design greatly reduces the time and costs, allowing you to get the most from your platform.

Most importantly, we focus on providing a superior agent, supervisor, and operational experience. We help facilitate this by ensuring your agents have the information they need when they need it. Our engineers construct integrated desktop solutions so they can deliver critical information to better serve your customers.

Systems Integration

Systems Mapping
You can rely on our architects to design and deliver the components for a single, tightly integrated solution.

We will also conduct extensive testing processes to ensure the software components are stable, error-free, and optimized for peak performance. Once in place, Speech-Soft experts then conduct user-training so you know exactly how the systems are mapped and collaborate with one another.

Our senior support staff also offers 24x7 post-implementation assistance with the desktop, CRM, Campaign, AI agent assist, or any other knowledge-based questions.
Custom Applications Development
As you migrate to the cloud contact center, Speech-Soft engineers assist with all your systems integration.

We take a consultative and collaborative approach to custom application development.

By following best practices, we provide secure and reliable solutions that meet all your business requirements.
Assess and customize

Assess and customize

Assessments are an effective way to reveal customer experience pain points. Are you getting the most out of your technology and providing accurate information?
Plan, or migrate contact centers to a cloud platform

Plan, or migrate contact centers to a cloud platform

Cloud platform brings your business the innovation, flexibility, and agility you want with the security and global scalability you need.
We specialize in design and migration

We specialize in design and migration

of hybrid states with on premise systems integrating and utilizing cloud platform functions.

Contact Center Practice Products

KomandEX Reskiller

KomandEX is the ideal tool for both partial and complete migration of legacy contact centers to the cloud since it can be used on top of several different platforms. It is a management solution that saves hours and improves accuracy through better skill management and scheduling of your agents. Our software offers an unseen level of control to impact operational efficiency.

With one common interface, you are better able to manage your agents. Its features allow you to consolidate and filter views, reskill, add skills, or set up profiles with just a few clicks. It is a huge time saver, especially for contact centers that frequently change and restore skills to large numbers of people. It offers all-around management solutions for contact center operations and scheduling teams.

A Contact Center Management solution
Agent skill management & scheduling solution
Saves hours and improves accuracy

Contact Center Practice Products

Cisco CCE Contact Center Portal

The Speech-Soft Contact Center Portal provides a simple yet comprehensive set of management tools that give you greater control of your contact center. It works in conjunction with the family of Cisco Contact Center Systems to create a better CX experience without requiring in-depth knowledge of Cisco’s native scripting tools.

Through the secure web portal, you can better manage day-to-operations. Whether you prefer to have central control of your call center or want to empower your call center teams to make adjustments as necessary, we provide an easy-to-use management solution to achieve it. With a single tool, you can manage one or multiple contact center systems; even ones in large-scale hosted environments. Works with the family of Cisco Contact Center Systems.

Simplify Contact Center Management

With a single tool, you can manage one or multiple contact center systems; even ones in large-scale hosted environments. Works with the family of Cisco Contact Center Systems.

Easy Control for day-to-day operations
Includes a set of template Call flows and scripts
Enables Advanced call flow feathers

AI in the Contact Center

EntrAI™ Intelligent Virtual Agent

Speech-Soft Solutions offers a unique AI Intelligent Virtual Agent as part of your Digital Transformation Strategy. EntrAI is an Omni-Channel Platform that provides a unified approach and simplified IVA architecture to ensure consistent answers across channels. Our patented AI technology interprets text-based communication from multiple sources to quickly deploy a proven natural language IVA experience. In addition to offloading work from agents, you create new channels for customer interaction where none previously existed.

EntrAI is the perfect solution whether you are looking for a platform for long-term application or a bridge between legacy IVR and Intelligent Cloud-based IVA transformations. It allows you to quickly create or consolidate disparate components and platforms into a single cohesive flow of information through our Omni-Channel hub. Building on your existing technologies, we leverage your investment in IVR business logic, back-end data connections, website, and knowledge base into an Intelligent Digital Architecture.

Allows reuse of IVR business logic, backend service transactions, security & reporting
Open platform independent of chat, IVR or speech recognition platforms
Escalates chats to live agents and provides them a history of chatbot interactions
Supports DTMF, natural language and directed dialog IVR applications
Enables customization of targeted dialog and grammars
Scalable architecture with HA
Leverages AI & Machine Learning for intent interpretation
Reuses existing IVR reporting such as Speech-Soft IVR Dashboard

High Level EntrAI Elements

The following high-level diagram show the server and application components and interfaces for EntrAI’s integration into chat and SMS systems.

Certified Center of Excellence


Speech-Soft teams are experienced and certified in all technologies that lead the way in Contact Center Digital Transformation.

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The EntrAI IVA platform provides value to both your
business and operations in several ways.
Not only does it reduce the cost and time to market, but it also enables quick configuration for each channel while sharing data resources. Furthermore, it collects customer requests for future analysis and phased expansion in mind. It breaks down the migration to Cloud based Intelligent Virtual Agents into manageable bites, each one delivering unique value to your business.