Have You Called Your Own IVR Lately?

Have You Called Your Own IVR Lately?

Any time you call for customer service support, chances are that you have encountered the Interactive Voice Response system. However, have you called your own IVR lately? You might be surprised at the customer experience you receive.

How Your IVR Can Enhance the Customer Experience

 Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a fundamental component of contact centers and customer service. They provide several advantages for both your business and your customers. Not only does an IVR minimize operational costs, but it also lowers agents’ call volume with self-service options. Both of these benefits allow you to better manage your labor force.

On the customers’ side, it provides support any time, day or night, since it is available 24/7. The self-service options allow the IVR to handle simple inquiries on their own, reducing the time usually spent waiting to speak to a human agent.

How Flaws in the IVR Affect the Customer Experience

 Unfortunately, the IVR technology is only as intelligent as the humans who design and maintain it. Although the system may have functioned well in the beginning, there are always bugs that need to be worked out. If these issues are never addressed, then you are failing to utilize the IVR features designed to help you capture caller information and recognize responses that result in a smoother overall customer experience.

If menus are too complex, customers often feel like they are stuck in a revolving door and “zero out” of the IVR to speak with an agent. If this happens frequently, then the technology isn’t serving its intended purpose. And, customers often have to repeat themselves leading to more escalations and added frustration. Furthermore, if your IVR isn’t fulfilling the self-service calls, poor call containment means you aren’t maximizing your IVR’s capabilities and increasing your agents’ call handling time.

Without regular maintenance, these problems compound and even cause you to lose customers after a negative customer experience. Disgruntled customers readily share their difficulties and opinions online, especially when they get frustrated or impatient with the system and hang up. So, if your IVR is too cumbersome and difficult to navigate, it can lead to a negative reputation of your company’s customer service.

How Speech-Tuning Can Improve the Customer Experience

 While many companies view the IVR as a set-it-and-forget-it platform, our team understands that it must be nurtured and refined. Therefore, we review calls and responses that could not be recognized by the IVR system initially which allows you to update your database to create a more natural, human conversation in the future. Fine tuning of the system ensures the IVR continues to evolve with your customers’ changing needs.To avoid the negative repercussions of a neglected IVR, Speech-Soft experts offer regular inspection and maintenance to ensure that the system will help achieve the brand’s goal for superior customer service.

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