Let’s Explore Speech-Soft’s IVR Dashboard

Let’s Explore Speech-Soft’s IVR Dashboard

What are your customers experiencing when they call your IVR? And how is it affecting their overall satisfaction with the customer journey? These are important questions, but Speech-Soft’s Real-Time IVR Reporting and Analytics Dashboard can provide the answers.

The IVR Dashboard at a Glance

Speech-Soft’s IVR Dashboard can provide an accurate assessment of how your call center is performing at any given moment.  Not only does it visually report and monitor the IVR’s performance in real-time with a graphical set of KPIs, but it also compiles historical data to track them over time. In just a glance, you have a summary of call volumes, percentages of self-service calls, duration times, containment, call outcomes, errors, transfer rates, and other factors affecting your business operations.

The IVR Reporting and Analytics Dashboard is highly scalable and works well alongside many IVR platforms and search engines. However, the flexibility and agility it offers are what sets it apart from the competition. Each user’s view and security access can be customized by user profile to suit specific functions and personal preferences. You also can select roll-up or drill-down views by application for times when you need to delve deeper into issues. And, you also have the option to generate out-of-the-box, customizable, and ad-hoc reports based on your business needs.

Analytics and Monitoring Capabilities

This platform captures real-time insights, provides accurate monitoring, and sends instant notifications of service factors that impact KPIs. It then compares current performance to historical norms to quickly detect anomalies and contributing components that caused them. When thresholds are breached, it will notify your team so they can make adjustments and prevent small issues from turning into bigger problems.

Meanwhile, it also monitors backend services for targeted insights into factors that affect the IVR performance and containment rates. And when necessary, it can conduct root cause analyses of failures. With these diagnostic tools, you can pinpoint where tuning will have the greatest impact, maximize ROI through trend identification, and target areas for optimization and enhancement.

Using Speech-Soft’s IVR Dashboard to Improve the Customer Journey

In addition to all the operational benefits it brings to your contact center, you can’t overlook the value it brings to your customers as well. The reporting framework database collects detailed information about each call that traverses the IVR and maps each customer’s journey.

This information allows our team of consultants to identify when customers exit the IVR conversations and then determine what went wrong. It reveals how effectively each IVR dialog is performing and grants task-level insights into what customers are asking and how frequently they ask.

When you can recognize failures in each conversation, it becomes easier to pinpoint issues and quickly find a solution. Faster diagnostics and remediation ultimately lead to a better overall customer experience. The IVR Dashboard ensures that both you and your customers reap all the benefits your platform has to offer.

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