Speech-Soft Solutions Expands with Managed Services

Speech-Soft Solutions Expands with Managed Services

Contact centers rely on complicated systems that require highly skilled engineers to maintain them. Unfortunately, most businesses do not have the talent or budget to hire the staff they need. Current labor shortages have made it even harder to find the right people and ensure your contact center is utilizing its system to the fullest capacity. Rather than wasting valuable time and energy to find in-house solutions, many businesses are turning to Managed Service providers like Speech-Soft Solutions for the knowledge and manpower to meet their immediate needs.

Supporting Cisco-based Contact Centers

Most engineers and designers will tell you that it requires a combination of four or five different technologies to hone your contact center and optimize its efficiency. Although one well-trained employee can fill several roles, no one can maintain them all. However, it has become difficult to find qualified professionals. There is currently a severe shortage of Cisco engineers. So, if you can’t find and hire the talent you need, you either need to maintain a large staff or pay high fees to companies that only offer sporadic support services for these technologies.

Speech-Soft Solutions now provides another option with its Managed Services. With Cisco transitioning from on-premise to cloud-based solutions, our team can provide guidance through the process of cloud migration. We have skilled experts and trained engineers that will find customized solutions and protect your investment in the original technologies.

Embracing Digital Transformation as Technology Evolves

Companies are approaching an important crossroads as contact centers undergo a digital transformation. They must adapt to stay relevant in today’s changing market. Although the transition to cloud-based platforms is good for some, it can be quite painful for businesses with less digital maturity. So, Speech-Soft helps you bridge the gap by providing both on-prem and cloud-based solutions.

We help our clients embrace digital transformation and evolve with emerging technologies. Furthermore, we provide global support, a 24×7 model, and knowledgeable support staff that can handle level 2 and level 3 tickets. Our team of experts creates custom-built solutions based on the client’s immediate needs and customer journey goals. 

Let Speech-Soft’s Managed Services Do the Heavy Lifting

We use a monitoring system specifically built for UCCE that utilizes Artificial Intelligence to remotely monitor your network status and proactively respond to potential problems. In addition to suppressing unnecessary alarms, we provide event correlation to identify root causes. Speech Soft’s Managed Services can spot problems before they become bigger issues, helping you avoid exorbitant fees. We ease the financial and staffing burden for your company with a fixed monthly rate and proactive responses to network and contact center support.

 Since our technology is platform and technology agnostic, it can smoothly integrate into both legacy and cloud-based systems. Therefore we can do the heavy lifting with minimal disruption in your business’s day-to-day activities. If you are struggling to adapt to the rapidly changing digital world, contact Speech-Soft’s Managed Services to see how we can help you get ahead of the competition.

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