What the Sales Reps Don’t Tell You

What the Sales Reps Don’t Tell You

When presented with new technology for your contact center, you need to get all the facts. While sales reps may know everything about the individual components, they typically can’t explain the nitty gritty details that come along with complex digital transformation initiatives, or the products and services they are selling. They often leave these details for the developers to figure out. Which is why Speech-Soft provides a team of engineers who can answer these questions, deliver customized solutions, and provide a systems integration that retains your investment.

The Complexity of Bridging Legacy and Hosted Environments

When undergoing digital transformation, businesses expect they will have access to the same functions and reports. This happens because sales reps glance over the complexity of the digital design, promising to give you all the same tools as before. But, what they can’t tell you is how this will be achieved.

That’s when hiring a contact center solutions firm can make all the difference. Unfortunately, digital transformation is unique to every business. And, it changes across platforms, so it’s unrealistic to expect a like-for-like exchange. Our engineers assess your needs and structure your platform to your specific operations. Not only can they create the missing pieces, but they will also put all the elements together. Once in place, Speech-Soft’s team of experts can also train your employees or maintain it for you to ensure you are getting the most out of your technology.

Business Continuity through Migration

Another overlooked but crucial concern is how your company will maintain operations through migration. It doesn’t happen with the flip of a switch. A successful migration requires precise planning and designs to implement. Without this, it could affect day-to-day operations as well as long-term business continuity.

Sales reps also neglect to tell you that the larger your company, the more complex the process will be. Therefore, our experts create a phased process to reduce the impact to your bottom line. We establish policies and procedures that guarantee you can continue doing business and serving customers throughout the transition.

Finding the Right Tools for Your Business

One vital piece of information that sales reps don’t want to tell you is if there are better tools for your business. Because of the interests they represent, they will likely recommend their own products. While they may be effective for the job, it may not be the best solution for you. 

Speech-Soft takes an open approach and builds a customized solution that suits your specific needs. We will help you choose the right technology for your specific needs, or create new components to fit the interfaces. And once in place, our engineers remain behind the scenes to ensure everything is running smoothly. If you want to see how our framework through digital transformation and managed services can benefit your business, don’t let us tell you. Let us show you what customized digital transformation can do for you.

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